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Other Websites of Importance …

  • Login to Workday@Nissan to

    →Update your Personal and Work Contact Information

    →View your Job Data

  • Login to Mercer EasyEnroll to

    →Complete your New Hire Benefits Enrollment

    →Make Changes to your Benefit Elections
    (For example, you can report a life event: birth, marriage, loss of coverage, etc.)

    →View your Current Benefit Elections

    →Update your HSA Contribution

Tax Preparation Discounts

- Discounts available through Magellan’s LifeMart Discount Center at
- 25% Discount on Tax Hotline preparation service. *Call 1-800-889-9919 and ask to be transferred to your Legal/Financial Services representative.


Take your PHA - Earn Points!

This confidential online survey helps BlueCross BlueShield evaluate your overall well-being. It is only used to identify behaviors and other things that affect your health. If you're earning health incentive points, you get 5 incentive points for completing it.


Need help finding the right healthcare for you and your family?

No matter what care you need, where you are, or what time it is, LiveWell has the benefits to help you find the right healthcare.


CAR Contribution

The 2016 Company Annual Retirement (CAR) Contribution will be made to eligible employees’ 401(k) accounts with Vanguard by March 31. For additional information about your Nissan 401(k), or CAR contribution, log in to > Benefits > Retirement and Savings.

Wellness Challenge is here!

Between Feb. 13 and March 26, earn 25 points for taking 200,000 steps or being physically active for 1,000 minutes.

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